Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to remove repository inconsistency using redo.log in CQ5 / WEM

You can use redo.log to remove repository inconsistency (Instead of rebuilding whole index).

1. Find all the nodes {Please see below for that}
2. stop the instance
3. check the directory crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default/index
4. there should be a file named 'indexes_X', e.g. indexes_1y
5. rename the redo_X.log so that it matches the suffix from above, e.g. redo_1y.log
6. place the redo-log in the crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default/index folder

Redo-log file will have entries like this

1 DEL 003171fe-e2e8-457b-a3af-f74eed12c1b9
1 DEL d4748598-374a-43a3-95a5-f53c94df8c7d
1 DEL fd8747eb-38c5-4256-b416-ad37b804a9e9

How to find all inconsistent node
[1] Copy This file to your local system
[2] Open
[3] Change following variables to your local file system path
INPUT_FILE_NAME (This is location of your log file)
OUTPUT_FILE_NAME_SEARCH (Location where you want output to save)
[4] Save and use javac
[5] Then run java FindCorruption
[6] For search index you can use it as redo.log
[7] for tar pm inconsistency you can use selective UUID (With consistencyCheckUUIDs param in repository.xml) to fix inconsistency. More information can be found here
[8] For missing child or orphan node you need to use (If it is not a lot) see information here or restore from backup (If you have a lot of orphan nodes)

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  1. Once the inconsistencies are fixed, do we need to remove the redo.log or can we just leave it there? I see that if we leave the redo.log as is, it seems to add stuff to it automatically. Please let me know.