Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to find all Orphan Node in CRX

You often come across following error in CRX
NodeState CHILD_UUID references inexistent parent uuid PARENT_UUID
Unfortunately you can not fix this issue. But at least you can see that they exist in your repo.

Drop the attached JSP in runtime/0/_crx/diagnostic/, start CRX/CQ and try it to run through http://:/crx/diagnostic/showNodes.jsp. You can specify a path to a tar file or copy folder. It will scan through all nodes with uuid (referenceable)
and output an exception if the node is orphaned.

Other Option If you are sure that you have all the orphan node log message in crx log file, You can use any tool to parse them and find.

Thanks Andrew Khoury and Henry Seginor from Adobe for providing this information

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