Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to include CQ package from other projects as dependency in your project

Use Case: We often come across situation where we want to include package or jar files from other CQ project across organization to your project.

Set Up: This assumes that you already have your project set up using Maven, Nexus. You need Nexus or any other repository management system to store artifact of jar or CQ package zip artifact you need to use in your project.

Assumption: You are using "content-package-maven-plugin" to create CQ package. More information about this artifact can be found here


For jar file it is simply adding it to your embed statement and for zip file you could use subPackages configuration. Once you will run maven install with this configuration, Other project package will also get installed with your package. Same works for uninstall of package as well. Geometrixx all package uses similar approach.

your final pom will look like this,

NOTE:  When you are using other CQ projects as dependency in to your project, make sure that other project is not overriding configurations in your project. You might have to adjust other project package filter accordingly.