Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to stop CQ to retry replication queue in CQ / WEM

Use case:

Case 1: You are doing an upgrade project of publish instance. And you have created some dummy publish agent that will take replication request and keep it in queue. You forgot to change retry limit while creating the replication agent and now every 5 minute ( Or default retry time interval) replication event is trying to clear to queue. Now because of this all other valid replication agent is going through slowly.

Case 2: One or more publish instance is down and replication queue is queuing up all the request. Again it is trying to retry replication job after default time period which slows down other replication queue.

Assumption : You are using CQ5.4 or CQ5.3 with replication fix pack.

How it works : CQ uses Ordered processing of replication jobs

Also each job has retry limit associated with it

So CQ uses top most job retry value to retry. So in order to set retry value of queue you need to change retry value of top most Job.

Solution :
For case 1, If you are trying to create new dummy publish agent, Make sure that before enabling it you set the retry value in replication agent

If in case you forget to do that you can use below package to do that.

Case 2: For this you can use attached package to set or reset retry limit.
Download attached package using package manager and then go to http://<host>:<port>/apps/tools/retryset/run.html (you can use dry run to check first)

This is how UI will look like after run

Please test it before use