Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to remove Geometrixx from CQ5.4 / WEM

Use Case You want to remove default geometrixx site comes with OOTB CQ


1) Download following package

2) Install it using package manager

In CQ5.5

In CQ5.5 this package is provided OOTB. Please look for

cq-geometrixx-pkg-5.5.4.zip and 
cq-geometrixx-outdoors-pkg-5.5.8.zip package 

In CQ 5.6

From package manager uninstalcq-geometrixx-all-pkg-5.6.6.zip

You can uninstall them to remove geometrixx. 

In 5.6 you can also start CQ with following command line to start CQ without geometrixx 
java -jar <jar file name> -r publish,nosamplecontent

Important Note: Please test it in local before using it in production like environment

Special Thanks to Micheal Marth from Adobe for this information.