Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Associate Digital Right Management (DRM) with a asset in CQ5.5

Use Case: You want to to associate licensing information to an Asset in DAM before serving it to user.

Solution: With CQ5.5, Now you can associate Licensing information to any Asset before serving this to user.

To do this, You have to add additional metadata to Asset called xmpRights:WebStatement that will internally point to any resource that you want to show before actual Image. CQ OOTB has one example under /content/dam/geometrixx/drm

You can also use Adobe Drive Integration with PS or Bridge to make these changes as well. Information about Adobe drive and Bridge can be found here

You can also modify asset editor page to add external metadata as well.

First, we need to create the necessary folder structure:

curl -u admin:admin -Fjcr:primaryType=sling:Folder http://localhost:4502/apps/dam

curl -u admin:admin -Fjcr:primaryType=sling:Folder http://localhost:4502/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/application/pdf

curl -u admin:admin -Fjcr:primaryType=sling:Folder http://localhost:4502/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/image/jpeg

curl -u admin:admin -Fjcr:primaryType=sling:Folder http://localhost:4502/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/image/tiff

Then we can copy the nodes from libs:

curl -u admin:admin -F:operation=copy -F:dest=/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/ http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/formitems

curl -u admin:admin -F:operation=copy -F:dest=/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/application/pdf/ http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/application/pdf/formitems

curl -u admin:admin -F:operation=copy -F:dest=/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/image/ http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/formitems

curl -u admin:admin -F:operation=copy -F:dest=/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/image/jpeg/ http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/jpeg/formitems

curl -u admin:admin -F:operation=copy -F:dest=/apps/dam/content/asseteditors/image/tiff/ http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/tiff/formitems

 curl commands to create the fields for the image editor:

curl -u admin:admin "-FfieldLabel=Right Management URL" -Fjcr:primaryType=cq:Widget -Fname=./xmpRights:WebStatement -Fxtype=textfield

curl -u admin:admin "-FfieldLabel=Right Management URL" -Fjcr:primaryType=cq:Widget -Fname=./xmpRights:WebStatement -Fxtype=textfield

curl -u admin:admin "-FfieldLabel=Right Management URL" -Fjcr:primaryType=cq:Widget -Fname=./xmpRights:WebStatement -Fxtype=textfield http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/formitems

curl -u admin:admin "-FfieldLabel=Right Management URL" -Fjcr:primaryType=cq:Widget -Fname=./xmpRights:WebStatement -Fxtype=textfield http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/jpeg/formitems

curl -u admin:admin "-FfieldLabel=Right Management URL" -Fjcr:primaryType=cq:Widget -Fname=./xmpRights:WebStatement -Fxtype=textfield http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/tiff/formitems

You can also create your own page under dam/components/drm/pages/license, But any location is fine as long as you have right URL.

After correct URL you might see your License agreement file before Image is served

You might also have to change configuration to accept license agreement. For that please do following

·         Got to http://<host>:<port>/system/console/configMgr
·         Search for “DAM Event Recorder”, click it to change the configuration
·         Click “Enable this service”.
·         Save and try accepting the license again.

After User Agree with License, They should be able to view page


This is still work in progress and might change in future releases.


  1. I have one doubt here... how do you configure that only on click of "I agree..." system should serve the asset and not on other option.

    Also when we are saying serving to user.. it means serving to end user and not authors... so how do we bypass the check when we are in author mode? Can it be made mode dependent?

    1. Hello please check /libs/dam/components/drm/pages/license/license.jsp of how licensing logic is implemented. You can always associate your own resource type with DRM association that will execute document presentation logic based on form or anything else.


  2. I tried following the steps and not able to get the licence page open up while clicking the download link. Is there any other setting which I should be aware of.

    1. Make sure that you do felix changes as well. What version of CQ are you using ?