Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to change different log locations in CQ {Till CQ5.4}

Use Case: You want to consolidate all logs to one location

Solution: You can change log locations of various logs in CQ by changing following files

Note that Whole CQ (Till CQ5.4) is composed of three different application (Which you can see under <host>:<port>/admin,
And each of them has different logging in corresponding logs folder.

CRX/CQ -- Under /crx-quickstart/logs
CQSE -- under /crx-quickstart/server/logs -- You change this location through server.xml (see for log-file-name value)
launchpad -- under /crx-quickstart/launchpad/logs -- You change this location under /crx-quickstart/launchpad/sling.properties (see for org.apache.sling.commons.log.file value)
/crx-quickstart/server/logs/startup.log file location is defined under /crx-quickstart/server/serverctl file. Look for CQ_LOG="${CQ_LOG:-"$CQ_LOGDIR/startup.log"}". Note that you can override this in start script as well.

Please refer to set up custom log location for Sling or CRX http://www.wemblog.com/2011/09/how-to-set-up-debug-mode-for.html

Other logs which should not touched

/crx-quickstart/repository/repository/index/redo.log -- Used for indexing. Never change this location.

/crx-quickstart/repository/shared/journal/journal.log -- For upgraded version, This is used for clustering. Don't change this location as well.

/crx-quickstart/repository/repository/revision.log -- Used for clustering synchronization. Don't change location of this log.